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Fall 2017
Dec 02, 2023
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MATH 412 - Introduction to Abstract Algebra - University of Hawaii at Manoa
Introduction to basic algebraic structures. Groups, finite groups, abelian groups, rings, integral domains, fields, factorization, polynomial rings, field extensions, quotient fields. Emphasis on writing instruction. (These topics are covered in the year sequence 412–413.) Pre: 311 and 321; or consent.
3.000 Credit hours
45.000 Lecture hours

Schedule Types: Lecture

Arts&Sciences-Natural Sciences Division
Math Department

May not be enrolled in one of the following Programs:     
      Unclassified-UG-Outr Only-ND
      Unclassified-PBU-Outr Only-ND
      Summer Only-Post Bacc-ND
      Summer Only-Undergrad-ND
Must be enrolled in one of the following Campuses:     
      University of Hawaii at Manoa

MATH 311 Completed w/C grade
MATH 321 Completed w/C grade
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