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Philosophy (PHIL)

Special Des.
CRN Course Section Title Credits Instructor Curr.
Days Time Room Dates
DH,IDAP 40106 PHIL 100 0 Intro Philosophy 3 C D Tennberg 19 6 TBA TBA ONLINE ASYNC 01/08-05/10
This class is a fully ASYNCHRONOUS ONLINE course. As such, students are NOT required to meet with each other or the instructor at a specific time. All course related business will be conducted online through Laulima and UH e-mail. Students MUST have regular use of a stable computer with access to the Internet, and use their UH e-mail account to participate in this class. Email the instructor ( for additional information. This course is a lot of fun! In this course, you will be introduced to the nature of philosophical inquiry by considering some of the most fundamental questions that can be asked about the nature of reality, human beings and our knowledge of both: Does god exist? Do humans beings have free will? What’s the essence of personal identity? What does it mean to have knowledge? Can we know anything at all? Do human beings have an obligation to act morally? What makes a particular action moral or immoral? And what is the meaning of life? The material covered in the course will include a variety of selections from both current and historically important thinkers on the issues. This course also satisfies a Diversification-Humanities general education requirement.

General Education Requirements:
FGA = Foundation GMP-A DA = Diversification-Arts DP = Diversification-Physical Science
FGB = Foundation GMP-B DB = Diversification-Biological Science DS = Diversification-Social Science
FGC = Foundation GMP-C DH = Diversification-Humanities DY = Diversification-Laboratory (science)
FQ = Foundation Quantitative Reasoning DL = Diversification-Literatures
FS = Foundation Symbolic Reasoning
FW = Foundation Written Communication

Focus Requirements
AC = Alternative Communication HAP = Hawaiian, Asian, and Pacific Issues PH = Physical Health
CH = Cognitive Health PC = Pacific Island Culture WI = Writing Intensive

Special Designations:
ONLD = Fully Online Program IDAP = eBook Access OI = Off-Island C19 = Online due to COVID-19 SF = Sustainability Focused
ONL5 = 5-Week Online Program TXT0 = Textbook Cost $0 OS = Off-Site EC = Early College

Class Meeting Days:
M = Monday R = Thursday U = Sunday
T = Tuesday F = Friday TBA = To Be Announced/Arranged
W = Wednesday S= Saturday