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University of Hawaii at Hilo • Spring 2022 Class Availability

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Environmental Science (ENSC)

Special Des.
CRN Course Section Title Credits Instructor Curr.
Days Time Room Dates
WI 13573 ENSC 441 001 WI/Environmentl Impact Assess. 3 M L Shuey 0 0 MW 0300-0415p UCB 114 01/10-05/13
Cross-listed with GEOG 441. Please register for CRN 13572. This is a Hybrid course.
  13560 ENSC 457 001 Vegetation of the Hawaiian Isl 3 J P Price 9 6 RS 1230-0145p K 127 01/10-05/13
Given that this course requires close interactions among the students and instructor, COVID-19 vaccination is required for students to enroll in this course. This is a face-to-face course.
WI 13737 ENSC 495 001 WI/Senior Seminar Environ Sci 3 C S Knudson 0 0 TR 0330-0445p UCB 114 01/10-05/13
Cross-listed with GEOG 495. Please register for CRN 13607. This is a Hybrid course.