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Microbiology (MICR)

Gen. Ed./
CRN Course Section Title Credits Instructor Curr.
Days Time Room Dates
  19734 MICR 130 0 General Microbiology 3 K Schorr 6 19 MWR 1100-0130p MANONO ALOHA 139 05/22-06/30
PreReq: Eng 21 or ESL 21 or placement in Eng 102; and Eng 22 or (ESL 22G and ESL 22W) or placement in Eng 100
CoReq: Math 25 or Math 26 or placement in Math 27 or placement in Math 100 or placement in Math 103; and Micr 130L
Recommended: One semester of college chemistry or one year of high school chemistry
  19767 MICR 130L 0 Gen Microbiology Lab 1 R Brashear-Kaulfers 8 12 TR 1230-0415p MANONO 386A-1A 07/03-08/11
CoReq: Micr 130 (or prior completion)
Full length, 100% cotton lab coat required for this class. Closed-toe, hard-soled, low-heeled shoes with covered uppers required at all times in lab. Full length pants must be worn.

Class Meeting Days:
M = Monday R = Thursday U = Sunday
T = Tuesday F = Friday TBA = To Be Announced/Arranged
W = Wednesday S= Saturday

Focus Requirements:
WI= Writing Intensive