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Asian Studies (ASAN)

Gen. Ed./
CRN Course Section Title Credits Instructor Curr.
Days Time Room Dates
FHAP 17232 ASAN 120 0 Japanese Culture I 3 S Shepherd 27 3 MW 0330-0445p K 129 08/22-12/16
FHAP 17231 ASAN 120 0 Japanese Culture I 3 J Skyles-Kaipo 12 18 TR 1230-0145p 346 102 08/22-12/16
FHAP 17233 ASAN 120 0 Japanese Culture I 3 S Shepherd 21 9 TR 1230-0145p MANONO 388-101 08/22-12/16
FHAP 17017 ASAN 120 WEB Japanese Culture I 3 S Devi 23 7 TBA TBA WWW 08/22-12/16
This is an Internet Class. Reliable Internet access and e-mail access required (high speed connection recommended). Virus check program required. Students must be familiar with using a computer and have basic Internet skills (browsing, sending e-mail, saving/sending files). This online class may include required proctored activities or tests at approved UH testing facilities during normal business hours.
BOOK INFO: Students should purchase books through the UH Bookstore by calling 1-800-842-6657 or choose the "Hilo Bookstore" link online at
Students should go to and log in with their UH username and password on or 1-2 days before the first class date. Students may email instructor with any questions (

Class Meeting Days:
M = Monday R = Thursday U = Sunday
T = Tuesday F = Friday TBA = To Be Announced/Arranged
W = Wednesday S= Saturday

Focus Requirements:
WI= Writing Intensive