University of Hawaii at Manoa Summer 2018
MATH 311 Introduction to Linear Algebra Section 801
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06/12/2018 Last day to register
06/12/2018 Last day to receive 100% tuition refund
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Institution: University of Hawaii at Manoa through
University of Hawaii at Manoa Outreach College
Term: Summer 2018
CRN: 95137
Subject: Mathematics (MATH)
Course Number: 311
Course Title: Introduction to Linear Algebra
Instructional Method:
Credits: 3
Section: 801
Prerequisites: Please refer to the UHM General Catalog at
Gen. Ed/Focus: WI
Grading Options: Letter Plus + Minus, Credit/No Credit, or Audit
Instructor: Karl Dovermann
Course Dates: 06/04/2018 through 08/10/2018
Meeting Times:
MWF   1200-0120p   06/04-08/10   BIL 335
Class Fees:
FLAT   Man Sumr 2 Broadcast Comm Fee    $1.00
FLAT   Man Sumr 2 Stdt Health Fee    $46.00
FLAT   Man Smr2 Campus Ctr Op Rec Fee    $33.00
FLAT   Man Sumr 2 Stud Actvy Prog Fee    $5.00
FLAT   Man Sumr 2 CC Activity Fee    $2.00
Cost: See UHM Tuition and Fee Schedule